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Swakriya Nutrition

Swakriya nutrition is careful and intelligent choice of food to balance the elements in the body for optimum health and growth. Ayurveda holds an elemental view of the universe and believes people are made up of various combinations of these elements. The five elements are Air, Ether, Fire, Earth and Water.

Imbalance in these elements in the body leads to disturbance in mind and body that further results into disease, aggravation, elimination problems, behavioral problems etc. Food is very important aspect when it comes to balancing the elements in body. By choosing the appropriate food that includes fruits, vegetable, grains, spices, beverages etc, the right way of cooking and eating help individual to balance the elements in the body.

Swakriya nutrition is guide to know the imbalance of which particular element in the body, its cause and then solution by choosing, cooking and eating right food.