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Swakriya Yoga Teachers Training Course

Swakriya Yoga Teachers Training Course is an intense and indepth training in the practices of a very special and beautiful spiritual path - Swakriya Yoga. It is meant to enable devoted practicioners of this path to share its techniques and methods with others. The beauty of this course is that you will learn skills you will not be tought elsewhere.


In order to provide you with the best possible training on the path of becoming an inspiring SKY Teacher we have decided to conduct the TTC in 2 Modules. Each Module consists of 3 weeks, so SKY TTC consists of a total time of 6 weeks.


While Module 1 will give you the basic knowledge and experience of the main concepts and philosophical background on which SKY is based, Module 2 will focus on deeper aspects, additional skills and especially on teaching practice.


Module 1 is meant mainly for you to experience SKY and get you started with your self-practice. The time until you return for Module 2 you should become a solid practicioner of SKY, so that when you take Module 2 you will be prepared to dive into the experience of sharing the techniques with others.


By the end of Module 2 there will be a written as well as practical exam.


Both Modules will be held in India and in Austria, and all will be conducted by Swami Gurusharanananda and Saraswati Sharana. It is your choice where you want to take Module 1 and Module 2.





Module 1 in Austria: 25th - 31st May and 22nd June - 5th July



Module 1 in India: dates will be announced

Module 2 in India: dates will be announced


For all the details please visit: https://www.saraswati.at/swakriya-yoga/sky-teachers-training-course/

Or contact: susanne.saraswati@gmail.com