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Swakriya Yoga(S.K.Y.)



The force which is moving our 'breath' is the same which is moving the planets and stars. The flow of blood in our body is due to the same force which is moving 'rivers' and ocean. The power which is blinking our eyes is the same which is the cause of dawn and dusk.



The scriptures says, "Yatha pinde tatha bramhande". This body and the universe are not different. Only one "divinity" is present everywhere. Only one force is moving everything. And this force is not separate from Him-the divine.

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Swami Gurusharanananda

Swami Gurusharanananda

Swami Gurusharanananda

Upcoming Events


Ma's Birthday Celebration 30th April 2018 (Dharamshala)

05th to 11th May 2018 Huntlosen Germany



Swakriya Yoga Festival

The 2nd Swakriya Yoga Festival starts on May 5th


Also this year Dr.Swami Gurusharanananda, the Indian scholar, musician and wonderful yogi comes to Oldenburg on his European tour. This time he will teach for 5 days in Huntlosen in his incomparably cheerful and loving way and let us share the treasures of Vedic knowledge.
To our great joy, Swamiji's brother Sarabjeet and his wife Shruti come to Germany again this year. He will teach us in Ayurvedic cooking and prepare the dishes every day for a different element to balance the doshas.
If you have questions, please send an e-mail to our team: info@yoga-ol.de

Venue: Seminar house of the ecological academy Hosüne

At Forst 28 in 26197 Huntlosen

Huntlosen in the Wildeshauser Geest Nature Park is located in northern Germany,

 southwest of the cities of Bremen and Oldenburg.

There is even a small train station in Huntlosen. The train journey from Oldenburg takes 15 minutes.

From the train station you walk about 10 minutes to the seminar house. We also like to pick you up from the train station.

By car you can find the directions here:

Oldenburg is about 20 - 30 minutes drive away

SwakriyaYoga Teachers Training Course - Module 1







Teachers Training Course


Module 1


25th - 31st May 2018
and 22nd June - 5th July 2018

 In Styria/Austria


Module 1 in Austria: 25th - 31st May and 22nd June - 5th July 2018

Module 2 in India: End of Nov - Mid Dec 2018

Module 1 in India: beginning of 2019

Module 2 in Austria: Spring / Summer 2019

What does it cost?

In Austria:

Module 1 - Euro 2000, -

Module 2 - Euro 2000, -


Euro 1900.-

in India:

Module 1 - Euro 1000, -

Module 2 - Euro 1000, -

Included: lessons, TTC manual, accommodation, 3 vegetarian meals

You thus support the preservation of the Ma Sharanam Ashram and the Ma Sharanam School for children of underprivileged families. More about Ma Sharanam.