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Swakriya Yoga(S.K.Y.)



The force which is moving our 'breath' is the same which is moving the planets and stars. The flow of blood in our body is due to the same force which is moving 'rivers' and ocean. The power which is blinking our eyes is the same which is the cause of dawn and dusk.



The scriptures says, "Yatha pinde tatha bramhande". This body and the universe are not different. Only one "divinity" is present everywhere. Only one force is moving everything. And this force is not separate from Him-the divine.

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Swami Gurusharanananda

Swami Gurusharanananda

Swami Gurusharanananda

Upcoming Retreats

6  to 10 April 2017. 5 Days Swakriya Yoga Retreat. (Dharamshala)

16 to 20 April 2017. 5 Days Swakriya Yoga Retreat.(Dharamshala)

9  to 14 june 2017.  5 Days Swakriya Yoga Retreat.(Austria)


25 November to 13 Decmber2017. Swakriya yoga TTC - I.(Maheshwar)


28 January 2018 to 03 February 2018.  Swakriya Yoga Therpy.(Maheshwar)


18 February 2018 to 10 MARCH 2018. Swakriya Yoga TTC- II (Maheshwar)


09 to 21 April 2018.

Advance TTC. (Dharamshala)








Swakriya Yoga Teacher Training Course

Swakriya Yoga Teacher Training Course.
25th November 2017
to 13th Decmber 2017.

Swakriya Yoga Therpy
28th January 2018
to 03rd February 2018.

18th February 2018 to 10th March 2018.
Venue: Ma Sharanam Ashram, Village- Kawadia, Maheshwer(M.P.)

Advance TTC.

09th to  21st April 2018.

Venue: Ma Sharanam Asharam

Village- Barenet Dharamshala (H.P.)

Swakriyayoga Mantrachants

Nyasa is an ancient science of mantras (sacred sounds) that connect us with the energy hidden in the universe. The universe itself is an expression of a single mantra or vibratory sound energy. We use different mantra for different purposes; they are a doorway to an awareness that exists beyond all limited knowledge. The mantras that we chant awaken higher potentials of the brains and change the flow of energy in the nervous system. We harmonize our inner sound vibration and tune our bodies and minds to a spiritual resonance, not found in the outer world, but which lies with the 'Divine alone'.

Swakriyayoga DVD

Glimpse of meditation techniques in Swakriyayoga retreats

A Guide to Swakriya Yoga (Book)


A book on Practical guide to Swakriya Yoga and Concepts of retreat. We are happy to provide the spiritual seeker with this valuable resource. In this smalll book you will find practicle guidance to tread the path of Self-realisation through meditation and yogic-practices.